It's a Podcast, but it's Also Girl Time

This is a show that dissects what it is to be a woman in medicine, and how to be wildly successful. Doing it unapologetically.

the female doc show


I want you to know this. The show is going to help you do that and give you not only inspiration, but some real life strategies that are going to help you go figure out how to survive the boys club, get those promotion opportunities, and how to bring other women along with you.

How to Survive the Boys Club

How to Be a Wildly Successful Leader

We're going to really look at that under a microscope and deconstruct how to be a happy, healthy, wealthy woman in medicine. What's the strategy.

what you'll learn here: 

How to Overcome Workplace Hurdles

What's the hurdle? What resource do you feel like you don't have? What do you feel like you need to know in order to get there?

I'm Dr.Khan, your new bestie.

I'm a double board certified ICU doctor currently working on the frontlines and I teach pre-med students how to get into the medical school of their dreams with the Future Doctor Formula.

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