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Hear from real students about the success they've had with the Future Doctor Formula. While many define success as getting into medical school, I also like to celebrate the smaller wins. Every day moving towards your dreams counts.

Is it time that you finally got into medical school?

Be the next future doctor

"Before the program, some of the worries that I had is not knowing what I need to know if that makes sense. I wouldn't have gotten to see how other students approached the application process. I wouldn't have able to do that on my own. It’s like you help me know what are the right questions to ask.

— jerlin

"This program has been very powerful"

"You are more than your scores. You got this!"

— ME

3.4 and 507
38% chance to 100%


got into medical school

real results

Her premed advisor said 2.8% chance...


got into medical school

real results

— Jaanam

"Watching your videos was eye opening."

— Amani

"I feel like I'm in a good place now."

Ready for your life to change?

Until she got this email...

She got into several schools,
and almost picked this one...

Together we highlighted everything she’s accomplished in a really positive light.

Liz had a 3.4 and 504, a 27% chance of getting in.

— blaire

"This program changed my life!"

Went from reading 21 lines per min to 27 lines per min after completing the FREE BONUS training on How to Study for the MCAT.

This is a 29% increase in reading speed.

Then she finally broke her plateau and scored 512 on her practice test.


"I mean, though sometimes I don't get to be on the calls, but the fact that the videos are always available, the documents are always available- Those are really helpful. Sometimes when I'm stuck in a rut, just going back to the videos really helps a lot.
Thank you!

— eptisam

"Joining this program has been super helpful!"

"I finally finished my first draft of my personal statement! I wanna say it's such a relief! I'm just really glad I got through this week so thank you!"


Got her writing done in 1 week

Yes, It Really Works

"I feel much better about my personal statement. At every single step, I was convinced more and more that you were the right person to work on my personal statement."


Got into med school

"I feel like I have a team and it's all leading me to success. It does reignite me for the week! I'm ready to go [and feel like] okay, I can do this. Because this is scary... especially when I feel like [the end is] so close and you want it so bad."


got support in the community

It turns out, there are a handful of "secret ingredients" that, when sprinkled into your application, make it almost impossible NOT to stand out from the sea of other applicants.

In my Future Doctor Formula program, I'll teach you these secret ingredients, as well as EVERYTHING else you need to know about the application process from start to finish!

I’ve been reviewing applications for medical school, residency, and fellowship for 11 years and I know what puts people to sleep, and what gets students noticed.

You're in the right place.

— Megan

"You make it really easy."

Study at your own pace

Plan your strategy specific to you

get SUPPORT every step of the way

Follow a proven formula

It's possible!

Imagine getting this type of email.

It's possible!


Medical School for            ?

— Kelsey

"Should I do this? I'm so glad I did!"

It's time you finally did what you've always wanted to do,
be that future doctor.
Trying to move forward with your application for ages?
Yes, I know how to make it happen.

You don't have to do it alone.

real talk:


Students who have taken this course


Success with 20% chances or above


Students are female


People of color

"It's nice for people who are getting ready to apply in the next 2 years. I think a lot of this information is stuff that they need earlier." 

Jaanam wants you to start as early as possible

"Cause it's a lot and really great information. It's like, Oh wow, I didn't know all these things. Just watching your videos was really eye-opening. In the grand scheme of things. I mean, it's only one more year of my life.
I really feel happy about my app. I felt really confident in my app after it was done and everything was looking good. Thank you so much!"

"I was so stuck on, I don't have the time, but just listening to you say, 'even a little', I could definitely do that."

Griselda Got organized and knew exactly what next steps to take

"When people would read my personal statement, they would say “tell me more, give me more details. you're just missing something,” but they wouldn't tell me what or how I can improve, or express myself. Like you mentioned it's painting that picture about those details and that story that makes it powerful and important.”

"I definitely needed this! I am someone who writes and deletes, writes and deletes which holds me back so much. I think we've been taught to be perfect writers which holds many of us back from relaying our messages. I am someone who cannot spend months and months writing. This was much needed.
Thank you!!"

REEMA finally got going on the fast track with her essays

"I hit some depression my senior year of undergrad and I still do not even know what it was that led to it. I just know that whenever I tried to study for the MCAT or even think about med school I would have mini panic attacks. I don't come from a traditional premed track, and I felt like my story was so 'over used' Thank you so much for this.
I desperately need this."

HANNAH almost gave up last year, but got a fresh start and started to believe in herself

"I didn't realize how much of what I was thinking about and internalizing were negative and limiting. I am a re-applicant (2019), planning to apply in the 2021 cycle. I had such a hard time writing my personal statement and answering my secondaries. All I kept thinking was how am I unique? I was old, a nontraditional mom of two. I kept telling myself that there are plenty of immigrant and undocumented students applying. How am I unique. What I didn't realize I was doing was constantly comparing myself to others, harming my own self outlook."

MARIA finally stopped comparing herself and started using a formula fit for her.

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YOu WANT TO BE a future doctor

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