Future Doctor Formula


The most comprehensive premed program for non-trads, women, immigrants, POC, LGBTQ+ to apply, accelerate, and get accepted into medical school despite low scores. 

Future Doctor Formula is the only full medical school application program that not only shows you how to be a competitive applicant despite low scores, but also leverages an amazing community of pre-meds just like you, so you're not alone in the process.

This program is for you if you're...

a pre-med who didn’t do great in undergrad, and hope to recover from that to pursue your dreams of being a doctor

feeling like you're not good enough to get into medical school and FEEL LOST 

the first in the family to pursue graduate education, and feel like you're navigating this journey in the dark and making a lot of mistakes as a result of no guidance

having low Grades and trying to overcoming anxiety... and fears... and blaming yourself over and over again for the past you can’t change

Believing in yourself and studying for the MCAT when your dates have been cancelled twice and now the exam is modified.

Struggling with...

I had dreamt about being a doctor my whole life. Ever since I was a little kid, I would tell people that I wanted to be a “kid doctor.”

I was totally on my way. I had just graduated high school in 2000. I had a 4.2 GPA and got into my top choice college.

When I started college, I didn’t know anything about what medical schools were looking for except for perfect scores. 

I think you and I are a lot alike.

I used to feel really discouraged...

Anyway, things didn’t get better… I got more Cs, I withdrew from O chem until finally I started to get better grades in my junior year, but it was too late. A 2.9 science GPA and a cumulative 3.2. 

So I worked my ass off… and I took the MCATs. Guess how I did?

Then I realized I had no idea what I was doing or how to study in college.

I fell on my face so hard freshman year. 4Bs and 4Cs:

My actual transcript! How did I go from a 4.2 to a 2.5?

So what FINALLY changed for me?

I scored in the 32nd percentile. That’s a 500...

How did I become a double board certified critical care doctor? How did I get into medical school with only an 8% chance? 

I just knew I couldn’t give up. I just knew that I had to help people as a doctor and be able to provide for my family.

So I read every book I could on techniques and strategies, personal statement writing, interview skills, and about every single medical school statistic. 

In the end, I figured out how to get admission committee members to ignore my scores and see the REAL ME - a smart, passionate person dedicated to medicine who had a few bumps in the road.

So basically I made a huge transformation from this:



☹️ 2.5 GPA
☹️ Scared
☹️ Confused and lost
☹️ Not going to make it into med school

😊3.8 GPA
😊Had a clear path to get in
😊Double board certified doctor

To this...

It turns out, there are a handful of "secret ingredients" that, when sprinkled into your application, make it almost impossible NOT to stand out from the sea of other applicants.

In my Future Doctor Formula program, I'll teach you these secret ingredients, as well as EVERYTHING else you need to know about the application process from start to finish!

I’ve been reviewing applications for medical school, residency, and fellowship for 11 years and I know what puts people to sleep, and what gets students noticed.

You're in the right place.

Gain connections and ask for letters of rec from science professors, even at a large university

Get unstuck when writing, and feel confident it's exciting enough to grab their attention

Narrow down school list based on academic performance

Maximize extracurriculars you've done. Quality is better than quantity

Appeal to specific medical school missions with your past experiences

Impress adcom members with engaging conversations that. where they won't forget your name

By the end of Future Doctor Formula, you will be able to...

yes! i'm a future doctor!

Future Doctor Formula will give you the confidence to finally overcome your fear of failing

But more importantly...

and because you have this goal, you've listened to pre-med "gurus" who say they will show you how to do it and sell you the idea that this specific application tactic if done correctly is the magic pill to have what you want. They give you one size fits all advice and you have NO way to filter this advice to see if it will actually work for you before you invest tons of time into it.

So here you are, working on ALL these strategies, retaking your MCAT because you "only scored" 506, and re-doing science classes over and over again. You're told that this is how you will get into medical school and be a more competitive applicant yet you aren't seeing major results which is frustrating.

Listen I know your goal is to get into medical school despite low scores...

We are going to do this together!

KNOW THIS: A standard application strategy is never the magic pill for you as a woman, immigrant, disadvantaged student, LGBTQIA+, first generation, or non-trad student with an unimpressive undergrad GPA. You have to create an application plan that is custom to your journey, your story, and the future doctor you want to be. You don't fit into a box!

It's not your fault this strategy hasn't worked out for you. It's that you were being sold a tactic that didn't suit your strengths, and that is ok! All you've been told is #MCAT #GPA #ApplyEarly. 

I'm here to help you find what will work and how to use this formula to become a competitive applicant, the future doctor YOU want to be.

— blaire

"This program changed my life!"

— Amani

"I feel like I'm in a good place now."

It’s simple, easy-to-digest, and taught using modern-day language. This is the only program that you will ever need when it comes to perfecting your medical school application.


Future Doctor Formula

Here's What You'll Learn


Overcome test anxiety and gain confidence

Phase zero

change your mindset:

Create a framework to balance school and work

Learn to stop comparing yourself to others

Finally forgive yourself for past mistakes so you can move forward in freedom and with clarity

Learn where you're subconsciously holding yourself back

Phase one

apply with ease:

Answer “why do I want to be a doctor?” with complete clarity.

Gain connections and ask for for letters of recommendation from science professors, even at a large university.

Narrow down school list based on academic performance.

Get unstuck when writing, and feel confident it's exciting enough to grab their attention.

Phase two

accelerate secondaries:

Don't let character limits cost you any sort of sensible transitions.

Learn to copy or paraphrase what you've already said in the primary.

Be able to write short and long descriptions of your stellar extracurricular activities. 

Pivot quickly between each school's essays so that interviews are inevitable.

Make AdComs see your upward trends and improvements.

Phase three

get that acceptance:

Answer these tough questions with ease and confidence:

Why our school
Why do you want to be a doctor
Tell me about yourself
What are your strengths and weaknesses
What are your thoughts on universal healthcare

Learn the Future Doctor Interview Formula: Research, Rehearse, Record.

How It Works

No matter where you're at in your journey, the phase made just for you will help you map out your specific plan for exact next steps.

go through the phase modules

And your essay edited in the group calls where we all learn from each other and cheer each other on.

get your questions answered on weekly
60 min live calls

With our peer to peer pairings you get a buddy in the exact same boat as you so you're not alone in this long journey.

get accountability with a peer

Study at your own pace

Plan your strategy specific to you

get SUPPORT every step of the way

Follow a proven formula

"You are more than your scores. You got this!"

— ME

"I finally finished my first draft of my personal statement! I wanna say it's such a relief! I'm just really glad I got through this week so thank you!"


Got her writing done in 1 week 

Yes, It Really Works

"I feel much better about my personal statement. At every single step, I was convinced more and more that you were the right person to work on my personal statement."


Got into med school

"I feel like I have a team and it's all leading me to success. It does reignite me for the week! I'm ready to go [and feel like] okay, I can do this. Because this is scary... especially when I feel like [the end is] so close and you want it so bad."


got support in the community

When you sign up today, you'll get all these extra bonuses on top of the entire Future Doctor Formula Program.

Yes, there's more...


Every week get access to a 60min group call where we get your questions answered and essays edited.

Get access to peers going through the same premed journey. Finally find a friend that will help.

Here's All the Bonuses

Weekly Live Q & A calls

Membership in a Supportive Community

Bonus 1

bonus 2

Learn how to write your COVID essay and get access to exclusive virtual extracurricular activities you can do from home.

COVID Journey

Bonus  4

Learn how to memorize more and read faster using these no nonsense brain hacks that really work.

How to Study for MCAT

bonus 3


Use these guides to strategically figure out which science classes to take to really make an impact on your science GPA.

GPA Booster Power Pack

bonus 5

— Megan

"You make it really easy."

This program includes everything you need to get into medical school.

If you're like me, you'll want to take advantage of learning everything about medical school applications without the risk and heavy cost. 

The mistake most people make is they think the "do-it-yourself" route is cheaper. What they don't take into account is how slow and ineffective it can be.
Or worse....
...the cost associated with every mistake you make with a failed attempt. AMCAS and AACOMAS will gladly take your money, and there's no refund policy.
The loss of 1 year worth of the average doctor's salary is $294,000.
Imagine what you could do with that extra money.

How much does the program cost?

For personal statement edits without grammar help.

Next, people just say...

For 3 mock interview training sessions



"Okay well I just need help with 1 piece of the application."

Which is possible! You can hire a coaching company and expect to pay:

For 2 hours of strategy sessions


For extracurricular activity reviews and edits, again, without grammar help.


Total you can potentially spend! Yikes!


yes! i'm a future doctor!

But you can get started with my entire formula for just $197/mo

"It's nice for people who are getting ready to apply in the next 2 years. I think a lot of this information is stuff that they need earlier." 

Jaanam wants you to start as early as possible

"Cause it's a lot and really great information. It's like, Oh wow, I didn't know all these things. Just watching your videos was really eye-opening. In the grand scheme of things. I mean, it's only one more year of my life.
I really feel happy about my app. I felt really confident in my app after it was done and everything was looking good. Thank you so much!"

"Before the program, some of the worries that I had is not knowing what I need to know if that makes sense. I wouldn't have gotten to see how other students approached the application process. I wouldn't have able to do that on my own. It’s like you help me know what are the right questions to ask.

— jerlin

"This program has been very powerful"

This      for you if:

you know you're more than your scores

You're set on getting advice from online forums and youtube

YOu ARE a premed student applying in 2021 and 2022

YOU'RE a premed student applying in 2023 and beyond

you're ready to commit to this process

It's probably         for you if...




It's probably
for you if...


Students have taken this course


Success with 20% chances or above


Students are female


People of color

You could keep trying to figure all of this stuff out on your own (which often takes even the most hard-working and intelligent people years to do).


You could steal my formula and get massive results in a matter of weeks.

Think about where you want to be 1, 3, 6 months from now...
or even 1 week from now.

Do you have a proven plan to get there?

You can use the step-by-step formula I teach in Future Doctor Formula to help you complete your application faster than you thought was possible.

Now is the time to make a decision. You have TWO choices...

What will you choose?

Is this program for only those applying to D.O. schools?

Nope! I'll help you with both MD and DO schools in USA. It's your choice!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there additional charges or is everything included?

Everything is included!

How long to I get access to the program?

1 year from purchase date. If you need more time, alumni get special packages after 1 year.

What if I'm not applying this year?

"The earlier you get mentored the better. I have learned so much about the application process which means I will work smarter and not harder when doing mine." -Adriana, current student

What if I'm a re-applicant? Can you help?

Yes! We'll review your old application and create a new strategy for this cycle.

Do I get all of the bonuses with the payment plan?


Do you help with essay edits?

Yes, but only on the group live calls and if you apply for a "hot seat" - which means, you gotta do the work to prep

Do you have an AAMC fee assistance scholarship?

Yes! Simply forward your AAMC letter to hello@thefemaledoc.com and fill out this application form. Click here. You'll be notified within 7 days.

See all reviews!

I completely understand. Every dollar invested in your premed journey is an important one! Hear from other students just like you...

Still on the fence?

"I was so stuck on, I don't have the time, but just listening to you say, 'even a little', I could definitely do that."

Griselda Got organized and knew exactly what next steps to take

"When people would read my personal statement, they would say “tell me more, give me more details. you're just missing something,” but they wouldn't tell me what or how I can improve, or express myself. Like you mentioned it's painting that picture about those details and that story that makes it powerful and important.”

Dr. Khan

I'm Dr. Khan, your new mentor

2020 is a year that challenged us all, but specifically the healthcare system was hit the hardest. As an ICU doctor, I was called to give my all on the frontlines. I worked endlessly, 84 hour weeks, and had the hardest conversations I've ever had in my entire career. I couldn't save everyone, but I was able to save hundreds of lives. Now, thousands of people will at least get 1 more Christmas with their family. The ripple effect of what we do is so profound.

Hey there!

People of color and the underserved need you.

We know that COVID-19 hit black and latinx communities the hardest. While, this is multi-factorial, the healthcare system can only benefit from more future doctors dedicated to diversity.

I can't undo the deeply ingrained implicit bias in our American healthcare system alone. I need you. Your people need you. America needs you. 

You're a unique and special person with a calling. It's time to move forward towards your dreams and fully step into your power. I'm here to help you. The journey won't be easy, but I believe in you.

Trust me. It's so worth it.