#WomenInMedicine, a History The momentum of ongoing gender dynamic workplace discussion was initially propelled to the forefront in 2013 with Sheryl Sandberg’s book Lean In. Since then other campaigns for gender equality have sprouted, notably among professional women. Women are harnessing the power of social media as a tool to bring awareness to workplace gender discrepancies. 



The 5 Ways I Overcame My Burnout


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Dear Female Doc

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I'm Not Bossy.
I'm the Boss.

Workplace Challenges

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It’s safe to say that we’ve come a long way from the days of AOL Instant Messaging and MySpace top 8. In less than a decade, the applications of social media have burgeoned as the technology has transformed from just a personal networking platform, to a valuable tool capable of connecting people to new ideas, […]

Social Media is Changing the Game in Healthcare


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Intro Before we start talking about the differences a DO and a MD. I want to address the giant elephant in the room: There’s a stigma that DO’s are “less than” doctors somehow. In fact I commonly get these questions when asking about becoming a DO vs. a MD: “Is a DO even a real […]

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Workplace Challenges