Dear Female Doc: I Didn’t Get Into Medical School

Dear Female Doc, I failed to get into medical school for the second year in a row. I just know that it’s my dream and I want to give it one more try, but I don’t know if I’m actually smart enough for it right now. I’m going to retake the MCATS too. I’m lost. […]

Dear Female Doc


The 5 Ways I Overcame My Burnout


I Still Don't Feel Like I Have a Mentor.

Dear Female Doc

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I'm Not Bossy.
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Workplace Challenges

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Intro Before we start talking about the differences a DO and a MD. I want to address the giant elephant in the room: There’s a stigma that DO’s are “less than” doctors somehow. In fact I commonly get these questions when asking about becoming a DO vs. a MD: “Is a DO even a real […]

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Workplace Challenges