Dear Female Doc

Dear Female Doc: I Didn’t Get Into Medical School

June 19, 2018

Dear Female Doc, I failed to get into medical school for the second year in a row. I just know that it’s my dream and I want to give it one more try, but I don’t know if I’m actually smart enough for it right now. I’m going to retake the MCATS too. I’m lost. […]

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Dear Female Doc,

I failed to get into medical school for the second year in a row. I just know that it’s my dream and I want to give it one more try, but I don’t know if I’m actually smart enough for it right now. I’m going to retake the MCATS too. I’m lost. Please help! Should I apply again or just forget it?



Dear Lost,

If you want to try again, I say GO FOR IT but don’t go into it with a negative attitude. You can’t think that you’re “not smart enough” for medical school. The truth is, basic sciences are tough and really don’t have anything to do with medical school. Did I ever use ANY of my o-chem knowledge in medical school? No. Not really. Maybe in one lecture slide during pharm.

In fact, I got really scared during my medical school orientation. The student counselor basically said ALL of you will fail an exam. Why do they do that?

I kept thinking to myself “I barely got into medical school. I’m going to fail MORE than just one exam. What am I doing here? I should have applied to psych PhD programs. I was good at that in undergrad.”

Looking back now, I’ve realized that those were ridiculous thoughts. As soon as medical school classes started, I was fascinated. My passion for healthcare soared and I excelled in ALL my classes. I probably did poorly in o-chem because frankly, no one teaches you how to study and one cares about organic chemistry. #boring 😉

So here’s what you do… tell yourself that you’re getting in this next year! Write it down. Write affirmations to yourself.

There’s something that happens on a subconscious level when you hand write things on paper.

Positive affirmations work best when you’re feeling down. Here’s how to make them:

  1. Change your negative and make it a positive. In your case, instead of saying “I failed to get into medical school” you can say “I have more experience and knowledge with medical school applications.”
  2. Start affirmations with “I” or “My.” I am smart. I am capable. I am a positive person. I can do this. I am deserving of my dreams. My dreams are coming true.
  3. Write your affirmations in present tense. Instead of “I will try again” or “I am going to try and get into medical school” say “I am getting into medical school.”
  4. Don’t use “I want” or “I need.” This is not expressive as an affirmation. Say it like it’s already done! “I am a doctor”
  5. Add emotions. “I am excited to apply to medical school” or “I am excited to start a new adventure”
  6. Create affirmations that are not hesitant. You must truly believe your affirmations in order to subconsciously change behaviors to get you to work towards your goals.

I hope this helps! If you get into the daily habit, or even weekly habit, it will change the way you view your work and yourself. It’s truly magical.

Lastly, think about it… if you don’t get in again it’s not like you’re any worse off than you are now, but imagine wasting an entire year of your life feeling absolutely terrible about yourself!!! THAT is a true waste of time. Reapplying is not a waste of time. Working towards your dreams is never a waste of time.

Go for it! You got this! You have a new positive attitude and outlook!


The Female Doc

P.S. I’m starting a mentorship program in the fall for pre-med students. Here’s the waitlist.

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  1. I love your positive affirmations, Dr. Khan! Thank you for all you do to inspire and encourage pre-med and med students, like myself!

  2. Summer says:

    I’m applying for my third year on a row – rejected 2 years with not a SINGLE interview either year and reason? insanely low mcat. I used to do alot of comparisons, omg everyone from my age group are all in already and im still not :((( way i changed? MINDSET. its better to start med school and practicing three years later than to never being able to practice medicine! yes its going to be a long road, its a hard field but regardless you become a doctor or not, the time will pass anways so why be in your thirties AND a doctor boss!

  3. Clarisa says:

    I will be taking my PCAT in a couple of weeks! Thank you for this, though it isn’t medical school, I still get depressed but these reminders meant the world! Thank you!!

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